looking for a better wireless collaboration software solution?

don't accept mediocrity.

Solstice leverages your in-room display as a platform to share content from any device wirelessly, live in real-time.

No limit to the number of people in your meeting, big or small.

Solstice allows an unlimited number of users to connect and share content to the display at the same time. 

Better content control on-screen equates to better engagement.

Solstice allows users to customize the screen layout with to fit the needs of the session. This means enlarging shared content, moving content off-screen to be shared later, or snapping content to a grid for easy viewing.

Have the flexibility to deploy on different networks.

Solstice has a built in WAP and a separate wired NIC on the other side of the firewall which allows for 7 unique network deployment options, providing unrivaled deployment flexibility and IT security. 

Centralized management for your IT manager.

Solstice Dashboard for Enterprise Edition provides IT managers the ability to manage all Solstice enabled displays from a Windows PC.

Leverage your existing AV investments.

Solstice leverages the display and AV panel you have in your conference room. Have a PC in the room? No PC in your huddle space? No problem. We have a Windows version of Solstice or we have a small form factor device, the Solstice Pod. 

Solstice is deployed in over 20 Fortune 500 companies & over 20 of the top 25 Universities in the USA.

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any number of users. 
any type of content. 
from any device.